Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What Children know ...

Most people think that Children need to be taught about life and what to think about life, but Children come in knowing what we have forgotten.  They still remember what Home is like and why they have come to earth. 

Children may need to be taught about safety and basic life skills but they do not need to be disregarded when they talk about what they see and hear and how they feel.  We should pay close attention to what our Children talk about.

If they do not agree with what we tell them to believe we should take the time to ask them why they disagree.   Most of us never got the chance to live the truth we believe, we were taught what to believe by others.  Give Children the opportunity to live their truth, they have much to teach us. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The best reason to not be afraid...

I like to watch paranormal investigation shows.  I was watching one that dealt with a darker entity.  Watching the program I was reminded about something I heard about the darkness in a channeled message.  The message (paraphrasing) said that the light we all carry is bright enough to light all the darkness, that if we walk into darkness our light will erase the darkness.

While I was remembering the message I heard that it is the Christ Consciousness within us.  How can we be afraid of anything when the light of God (The Universe, Source, etc.) dwells within us?

We all have to remember, when we are afraid, who dwells within us and that we are powerful just by our existence.  Fear causes the darkness to grow darker.  When we calm our fears we adjust to the light and as we adjust the darkness begins to brighten.

The next time you are in a situation that is causing you to be in fear stop and connect to the light within, take a breath, quell the fear, and then move forward.

Looking forward to a light filled new year.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Thoughts on the Seasons...

I have been thinking about the seasons and how they relate to our lives.  Since we are getting close to the  beginning of Fall, which is my favorite season, I thought I would start with Fall.

Fall is the season when the leaves turn and fall off the trees, the summer plants begin to fade and the days start to get shorter.  Falls is a good time for us to shed what does not serve our greatest good.  We can look inside and let go of all that holds us back from our best life.  We can take the good experiences and save them in our memory and shed the rest.

Winter gives us time to think, to cuddle up on the couch and think about what new experiences we would like to have and what direction we would like our lives to go.  It gives us time to research and read up on topics that interest us, take online courses, and make some plans for the future.  We can rest up and nourish our bodies and Souls.

Spring is the time when nature comes alive, just like nature we can come alive and bring forward all that we have learned during the winter.  We are nourished and ready to take on the world.  We are lighter and have a spring in our step. Everything is brighter and our path has been cleared.  We are ready to plant our garden and share it with the world.

Summer is the time to enjoy all that we have done, a time to look at what we have accomplished, to take time to enjoy our Family and Friends, and spend some time in nature and relax.

These are my thoughts on the seasons, I would love to hear your thoughts on the seasons.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Squeeze Test...

I recently heard someone talking about what happens to you when you are rattled by a person or experience.  How do you react? Do you automatically get angry or do you respond with kindness, or humor?  How we respond is what is inside of us.

This really hit home for me, it has not left my thoughts since I heard it. I thought about how I react when I am frazzled.  I do not always react well.  Sometimes I act with humor and other times I get short and snippy.  I really want to have love and understanding come from me when I am rattled.

I now  think of this as the squeeze test.  Now when I get squeezed I think about how I reacted, what came out of me at that time.  Is it how I want others to see me?  This has made me more aware of how I deal with others.

It is kind of like a ketchup or mustard squeeze bottle.  Sometimes when you squeeze it some gunk comes out first, then the good stuff follows. When you get rattled try to get rid of the gunk on top before you react or at least squirt it away from others.

Sending love, light and less gunk to you all!

It's o.k. to be Me...

I have realized that awakening does not mean that I have to change who I am, totally.  I thought that when I was around people who were also awakening that I needed to be more refined or quiet and that I needed to suppress parts of my personality.

I have a sense of humor and deal better with situations when I can use humor. It is who I am.  I also have a tendency to use some, not so proper, language.  I started to suppress the humor and language to the point where I felt I wasn't being honest about who I am. I began to feel conflicted, then I realized that I can be on my Spiritual Journey and still be Me.  Yes, I have changed a great deal, for the better, over the past few years but I have realized that I can be better and do better by being my authentic self.

I also have a special group of people in my life who are awakened souls and being around them has helped me to see that it is not only o.k. to be myself, it is necessary.  We meet to discuss subjects that are spiritual and paranormal in nature.  We have some deep discussions and they always seem to have some humor thrown in as well.

Shakespeare wrote in King Lear, "Many a true word hath been spoken in jest", this has been a line that I have always loved.    I realized recently that I have had many aha moments watching a funny movie or listening to a comedian.  Recently this happened when I watched a Chris Rock special. He was talking about religion and said that he was trying to get some religion in his life, just a little, and continued to say that he has Faith in God and has not been to Church in ten years, then he said to the audience, you go to Church every don't trust God.  I thought, wow what a statement.  Having Faith means to believe that the Creator is there for you always and does not need proof that we love Him/Her.

I just wanted to let you know that it is o.k. to be you, in fact it is mandatory!!  Never think you cannot be good or do good because you do not feel you are acting holy enough.  Be your authentic self, that is Holy.

Sending you all Love and Light!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Time of Darkness or Light?

I had given up watching the news on a daily basis.  I was getting so upset and depressed watching it.  Terrorism, shootings, abuse, political upset, and anger  was all that was being reported.  I started to think the world was becoming filled with darkness and then I realized I was wrong.

I believe that people are starting to take their power back and shining their inner light, they are no longer accepting of the negative and dark.  As more people turn their light on and allow it to be seen the more the light shines on the darkness.  Once the light shines on the darkness it has nowhere to go and it tries to fight back, this happens with terrorist attacks, nasty tweeting, denial of abusive behavior, and flared tempers, this is why it all seems to be happening at the same time.

Now when the darkness is revealed people are standing up to it and making changes.  We see this in areas that have had terrorist attacks and the people of the area come out in force to show  solidarity against the terrorists, we see it in neighborhoods with gun violence, neighbors have vigils and prayer services on the streets. We also have seen it with abuse that has been happening for too many years, once the light was shone, more and more people felt safe coming forward to share their stories and the abuse is no longer hidden.  The darkness must be put in the light to correct what is wrong. 

Don't fear what is happening, shine your light as bright as you can and do not get discouraged.  We are all here to make a difference with our light. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thoughts on Music...

I have been thinking about music lately.  Music has such a big influence on us as humans.  It has always been around, used in rituals, or just enjoyed.  When we celebrate we play music and sing songs and when we are sad we listen to music to help us through our sadness. Music stirs memories within us.

I also believe that music is like air on the other side.  I believe it is the language of Angels.  When I think of the other side I think of beautiful music always playing in the background and that our Souls  breathe it in.

I believe we breathe in music on earth as well. When you hear a song that touches your heart the feeling goes all through your body,  you  breathe in the music.  When you breathe in the music it stimulates emotion and feeds your Soul.  It can help you feel better, it can help you release your sadness, and it can propel you on toward your goals.

Athletes use music to get them ready to compete, they may have a song or a playlist that gives them energy and strengthens their resolve.  We all have a song or style of music that when played makes us feel like we can do anything.

Children love music from birth, they love to be sung to, and they love to listen to and sing songs.  Children understand music before they understand language.  I believe they know music from where they just came from and it comforts them to know it is on this side as well.

With the Holiday season upon us, enjoy the music being played.  Holiday music has a higher vibration, I believe that is why so many people love to listen to Christmas music, it lifts their vibration.

What is your favorite type of music?  Share your thoughts on music.

Happy Listening!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Meeting God in the grocery parking lot...

I had finished putting my groceries in my car and was starting to head for the cart drop off when one of the employees for the store waived to me and said that he would take the cart.  The employee was an older man who was wearing a red turban.  I have always wanted to know if there is a significance to the color of the turban.  I asked the man if he would mind if I asked him a question and proceeded to ask him about his turban color.  He said that the color of the turban was up to the wearer.  He then said that all colors have their meanings, red for love, white for peace, etc. He then began to tell me that he believes all religions are right and that we all believe in the same God, we just have different names for God.  He also said that there are four types of people, excellent, good, fair, and poor.  He said that he believes it is important to surround yourself with excellent and good people and that you will bring the type of person to you that is most similar to who you are, if you are an excellent, or good person, excellent and good people will be drawn to you.  He also said that as you become better you will notice that you do not associate with the poor (not financially) people.  They will leave your life and you will not miss them, you will be happy with the people now in your life.  He also said that he feels it is important to work (the job itself does not matter as long as you are happy doing it), work gives you the money to do the things you love.

Lately I have been thinking about my own beliefs and how I have stepped out of organized religion. I have always been fascinated with all beliefs and their customs.  I knew this man had to be sent from God. He was validating what I have come to believe.  He spoke with such ease and kindness, and also had a twinkle to his eyes.  He said he was from India and had lived in a few countries before coming to America. There are many people who would look at this man and the turban he wears and make judgements about his life and beliefs.  This is why it is so important to treat each other with respect and not be afraid to have a conversation with others who are different from you. You may be surprised at what they have to say.  Don't miss out on your conversation with God.

Monday, September 4, 2017

You ARE special...

If you are like me, you probably have a hard time believing you are special.  I remember being told when I was young not to ever think I was better than anyone else.  Who was I to think I was something special?  But the truth is, we are all special and we should not only believe it but live it.

I now know that when you realize the truth, that you are special, you begin to see everyone as special. It does not make you think you are better than others, it makes you appreciate your gifts and the gifts of others.  When you are happy with who you are you shine, and your light shines on others and they begin to see themselves as valuable.

If you haven't done so yet, take some time to look at how special you are and how your gifts help others.  EVERYONE, is special, BELIEVE it!

What gifts do you share with the world....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

When in doubt, write a Eulogy...

When I think about losing someone I love I think about what would be said about them at their funeral.  I think about all the good things that make them special and how much love I have for them.  

I recently was wondering what I would do if I was asked to give a Eulogy for someone that I do not get along with or with whom I have issues.  So I thought about it and picked someone that I have a hard time understanding.  I thought about the nice things I know about that person and realized that I should get to know them a little better instead of judging them as a person. 

This experience led me to the realize that when in doubt about how you feel toward another, write a Eulogy.  Think about the positive side of the person, maybe he/she loves animals, is kind to the elderly, is great with kids,  or volunteers his/her time to help those less fortunate.  Maybe he/she has had a difficult life or is going through a tough time. If you don't know much about the person, ask.  This may be a way to get to know them better.  Think of it as research for the Eulogy.  You may be surprised and end up with a new friend or at least gain a deeper understanding of the person.

Sending you Love and Light...

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Love of an Animal...

I love to see posts on Facebook that involve animals, especially the pictures of animals smiling.  The smiles remind me that every living being has a Soul.  Animals give love -- unconditional love,   watch over us when we are sick, become our best friends, and save lives.  They even visit us from beyond.

Some people don't understand why animals are treated like humans and why people are so concerned about their care.  I find that those who feel this way have never had a pet or allowed a pet to enter their heart.

My first dog, Maxine, was a wire haired fox terrier that we rescued from a local shelter.  From the moment I saw her she entered my heart.  She was smart, funny, protective, and loving.  She stayed by my side when I was sick, and comforted me when I was in pain and could not sleep.  She taught me that  I was lovable, She loved me on my good days and my bad days.  She would go to each bedroom at night and open the door to make sure everyone was home.  When my Sons went to college she would lay by the door for the first few hours each time they left.  She missed them when they were away.  We were blessed to have Her with us for ten years.  When she passed it was one of the worst days in my life.  She was a part of our family.  

Even though she has passed she still visits us, we feel her on the bed, hear her collar jingling and her steps in the house, and have even seen her in the yard.

We have another wire haired fox terrier named Ginger.  We got Ginger as a puppy after Maxine had passed.  Ginger is also smart, funny, loving and protective.  I believe Maxine sent Ginger to help us heal.

I recently saw a teeshirt that said "when you rescue a dog you save two souls".  This is so beautiful and true. This is true of other animals as well.

What has your pet(s) taught you?  Share your stories...

Love and Light

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Oyster, Symbol for Soul Journey

I was recently talking to a woman who is into buying oysters for the pearls inside. She  enjoys opening the oysters to see what color and shape the pearl will be and giving them to her friends and family.  While she was telling me all about her new hobby I had an aha moment.  I thought that the oyster symbolizes our Soul journey during each lifetime.  We come into this lifetime with a body and personality (shell) and when we have to deal with problems or lessons (sand)  we take it inside and find the best way to deal with the situation, once we have dealt with the situation the lesson is put away.  In order to move on we have to look at what happened in the most positive light (cover the irritant sand with a coating).  Each time we learn a lesson and understand it happened for our greatest good we coat the sand and move on.  When our journey is over and the shell is no longer needed what is left is a beautiful pearl that represents all we have learned in this lifetime.   Some will have small pearls, and those who had the most lessons to learn will have the largest pearls. You may think that the oysters that have no pearls had no lessons to learn, but I think the oysters with no pearls lived so many lives and learned there lessons so well they don't let the sand irritate them and have no need to grow a pearl.

What are your thoughts on the oyster?